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We are NONEED Cars. A car platform for icons and rarities.

As an automotive enthusiast, I’ve never really understood how cars can only be seen as a commodity – for there is so much more to it.

From the pure aesthetics and the functionality of the design, to the technology slumbering underneath the framework. From the exciting new developments unfolding in the industry, to the simple joy initiated by the growling of a V8 engine – and yet that same joy arising from the quiet “clack” of a door falling into place.

Of course, it wasn’t until after the arrival of my long-awaited driving licence that my enthusiasm really developed – but to feel, hear and experience the power of the “machine” in the passenger seat as a child – that is what really fuelled my passion.


Maximilian Sattler
Founder NONEED Cars



The vision of NONEED Cars

Nowadays, the search for the (next) automotive takes place mainly on the Internet. And there one encounters a very confusing and completely overcrowded market of “the usual” used cars.

Finding a real rarity is often like finding a needle in a haystack. That’s why we decided to give exceptional cars a platform.

Young or old, a true exotic or “only” a very well-maintained collector’s item – it does not matter. We offer a spotlight for your prized possessions so they don’t get lost in the no man’s land of the marketplaces. They get the recognition they deserve on our site.

In the words of Ferdinand Porsche:
“A car that nobody needs, but everybody wants.”


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